Religion will help you find a good person

I am an adult man who divorced his wife because of my desire to be a believer person. I got sick and there was no hope. I understood that in such a difficult time, people go to God to ask for help when doctors set an end date. My illness was serious and I was afraid that I would no longer see my family. I failed different ways but it was in vain. We respected religion but rarely visited church and our children were very far from it. But in that difficult period, our whole family went to God to ask for help about my health. It was a difficult period, but we were together and our prayers were sincere. My illness receded and the doctors called it a miracle. Instead of the planned months, I’ve been alive for almost a year. This changed me and now I often began to attend church, pray before and after meals, visit holy places, go on pilgrimage trips. Religion has become important to me because I truly believed in the greatness and power of God. Our family is Catholics, but even in our country there are many unique places for pilgrimage trips.

The topic of religion has become important to me, but my wife left it after my recovery. We lived together but her disbelief was difficult for me. I understood that I owed God for my life and really saw such a miracle as healing. Doctors said that the disease stopped but I still got time to live with my family. But my wife forgot about it and it was sad for me. I just went to church with me but she was too lazy to do it. She also did not read prayers and the whole house began to be divided into white and black. We realized that we became different people and we need to live separately. We tried to live a couple of months separately and then she returned to the family. But then we saw that we became completely different people. This led to a divorce.

I was alone but I wanted home comfort. I was looking for a woman who will share my views in religion and will become my support. My children are already adults and they are studying at the university. I can live for my pleasure because I deserve it. After the illness, I thought that my life began again and now I have to do everything right. I was looking for a woman who would be my support and who would be willing to be my partner even for religious trips. I did not open regular dating sites because there I saw a lot of “dirt”. I found a site for believers and I liked to chat there. It was not just a chat with different people - there was even a forum where people discussed different things and shared their stories and experiences.

I found Maria there and she told a similar story. But her husband could not overcome the disease and he died. She has been alone for almost 4 years and this time she devoted to her grandchildren and children. But now the children went to another country and she was left alone. She has a sister but she has her own concerns and problems. Maria decided to find a partner to live the rest of her life in a spiritual, blessed atmosphere. This was interesting because she talked about her trips to different places with an incredible atmosphere. I also talked about my trips. We immediately exchanged phones and now communicate outside the site. 2 weeks after meeting, we planned a trip to the next holy place and it was amazing. We fully understand each other and she is a common problem from the past. From a past life ... before God. It's great that we found each other and now we are friends. I think that we will be friends or our relationship will become closer. We have not talked about this yet, so far we have topics for pleasant conversations.

In my conscious and already mature age, spiritual closeness is important to me, not intimate. I could find a young girl on a regular dating site but this is stupid for me. I was looking for the perfect partner for my spiritual life and found Mary. I do not know what relations we will have in the future, but I am grateful to God for what I have now. We communicate very well but also I remained friends with my ex-burnt because we have children and almost 20 years of marriage behind us. I do not like to have enemies or do something bad so that people take offense at me. Now I want to correct my mistakes and it is very important for me. I have to do good things for my soul.