My online dating experience

I did not want to spend time on a dating site because I like live chat with girls. I work in a club and I am always among the girls who are often happy to meet a young handsome guy with a good sense of humor. I often take extra shifts because I'm bored at home and work gives me pleasure. But then I opened a profile on a dating site to select girls from my city and advertise my club. But the site was great and I liked talking there. I chatted with many girls and even women. Some of them were from other cities and other countries. Such communication was fun, but I also learned many interesting stories from other people. Each girl had her own problems and difficulties in life, but almost all of them were ready to leave for another country and find a more luxurious life. Almost all. I was surprised that there were many mercantile girls who immediately asked about my income level. I am good at making money, but money is not important for my future relationship. Such girls were sent to the block because I'm not looking for a relationship of convenience. I even agree if she has children. I love children and can love them as well as mine own.

But I could not find the perfect girl for me because I could not chat for hours like many men do. My night shift ends at 8 in the morning. I sleep then eat, then go to the gym, then meet with friends and go to work again. Communication on a dating site is a lot of time and I sometimes visited the site during a break at work or at home when I got enough sleep. Many girls wanted gifts, they asked for money because they had problems. I did not fall into this cycle of scammers but it built my general impression of communication on a dating site. Then I still wrote about the advertising of my club and that there is a good job for beautiful girls without sex and with a high salary. Two girls agreed to come to our club.

One of them was liberated and the work of the waitress was a good solution for her. She will also learn from our girls to dance on our stage. The second girl was more modest; she had a child and a lot of debt. Therefore, she agreed to additional shifts later that the son remains with her parents. I was imbued with this little girl and always helped her with work. We talked a lot and when our shifts did not match, we chatted on that site. She graduated from university and worked in a construction company, then became pregnant and went on maternity leave and the child's father did not want to be with them. She and her child lived with her parents, but now you can send sleep to kindergarten and she went to a simple job where you can get not only a salary but also a tip. Her diploma is already outdated and now she needs to study new functions and programs in order to be a good modern specialist. And the work of the waiter does not require special knowledge.

She worked with us for a very long time and then was able to become a manager. She had good administrative skills, so our boss saw her abilities and realized that the work of the waiter was inappropriate. We often met at work and drank coffee together during the break. I began to realize that personal communication with her makes me embarrassed even though I am already an adult guy. We walked together, went to the movies, to the cafe. At first she was just a good friend and I was pleased to have such a conversation. Then I noticed that her friendship with other guys in our club began to annoy me. I thought it could not be jealousy. I offered her a relationship but she said that their relationship with the child’s father is getting better and she hopes to build a family with him. I was not upset, but it was very unpleasant. Maybe for the first time I got a rejection from a girl and it hurt my pride.

Now I am single and see how this modest girl has changed in one year in such a society. You understand that the club has a lot of temptations for a person and many people change here not for the better. I saw how she changed and it was not nice. I respect sincere and honest people who always remain true to their principles. My colleague found a girl on a dating site and they live together for almost 4 years. I left the profile there and still communicate with different people. Maybe the reason for this is the desire to just get a nice chat.