People who find good partners on a dating site should not be shy

Now I do my own business, but when I worked as a waiter I chatted with a girl on a dating site. It was a nice young lady who also worked in the network of my cafe only in another city. We discussed our working conditions, cafe features, salary level and other working issues. She wrote that she wants to change jobs but there is a good tip and the salary goes to the reserve. She lives alone and devotes more time to work than her schedule requires. She has few friends and work helps her to always be among people and receive communication.

We talked for more than a year and our correspondence was more friendly as colleagues. We did not discuss romantic topics and did not plan to make a date. Such communication was good for me and convenient for her. But over time, I began to get used to her and looked forward to her every response. I did not ask to send me a photo or give her number, I just was glad to our chat. We could not communicate for several days because our work schedules did not match. But then we chatted for a very long time and very funny.

I understood that simple communication can be just fun and not give any hints of a serious relationship. But it seems to me that each of us was hiding something. Maybe there were feelings, but our work did not allow us to go to each other or see each other personally very often. Maybe he didn’t offer me to meet just for this reason. I did not know, but I was always glad to have our conversations, even if we were both tired and did not want to talk.

Then she wrote to me that she had found a guy and they had been dating for more than a week. I was glad because she seemed happy to me, but I was also upset because I felt jealous. Our communication became shorter because she had little time to write to me. Also, her boyfriend was not glad that she still holds the profile on a dating site and I was afraid every day that he would force her to delete the profile. I did not want to lose contact with her and thought about it every day. The girl really was very pleasant, dear, sincere and cheerful. I appreciate people who do not have such qualities as anger, hypocrisy. I also liked that she had a hobby. In her free time, she studied Latin American dances (at home with video lessons), then she attended some club of Chinese culture and did something else. I appreciate people who have hobbies and can tell me about it.

My father and I often go fishing and this is my main hobby. This allows me to relax and forget about the problems. I told her about it but she does not like such an occupation. I was grateful to her for her attention and for the fact that she was always interested in my trophies and respected my hobby. Such people really inspire and delight. I rarely met such people and always treasured relationships with them.

We spoke very rarely - I understood more and more that she had a different life. Then she wrote that her boyfriend had proposed to her to get married. I was also happy for her but still thought that I had missed my chance. For a long time I enjoyed simple communication when I had to act and be more persistent.

Now we are still chatting sometimes. She says that she found another job to visit the family often. We communicate as friends and I found another girl. But that thought still does not leave me. I should have done the first step on the road to our relationship, but I was waiting. Now I don’t understand why I was slow. But my new girlfriend is wonderful and I love her. But many people who find good partners on a dating site should not hesitate.

I deleted that profile on that site and we went to social networks. Maybe she still thinks that I always wanted only friendship with her, or maybe she realized that I am sorry. My girlfriend knows this story and she always tells me that I am very timid. I quit the cafe and we decided to open a small coffee shop near our house. Now everything is fine with us and we invited that girl and her fiance to us. I think they will be happy because he is a great guy. I love communicating with people and am glad that I was able to make new friends on that site.